3 Phase Solid State Relay (SAT/SDT Series)

Solid State Relay for 3 Phase Motor Control, either AC input AC output or DC input AC output with 380VAC load voltage.

Three phase solid state relays have been available in Toward’s product line. SAT/ SDT three phase Solid State Relay is essentially 3 individual single phase solid state relays packaged in a single component with a common input that each relay is energized simultaneously.

SAT / SDT Series

3 Phase Solid State Relay, AC input AC output (SAT) and DC input AC output (SDT).  With internal RC soak up network, 60A to 100A rated load current, Zero voltage turn-on, zero current turn-off, Optically isolated input and output, Two-way SCR output, Liquid epoxy-filled, metal(Cu) base

3 Phase Solid State Relay SAT SDT

Product NameInput/OutputTurn-On TypeInput Voltage RangeRelease Voltage (min)Load Current (Max)Load Voltage (Max)Turn-On Time (Max)Turn-Off Time (Max)Operate Frequency
SDT310ADC/ACZERO-ON3 to 32VDC1VDC10A380VAC10mS10mS47 to 400Hz
SDT320ADC/ACZERO-ON3 to 32VDC1VDC20A380VAC10mS10mS47 to 400Hz
SDT340ADC/ACZERO-ON3 to 32VDC1VDC40A380VAC10mS10mS47 to 400Hz
SAT310AAC/ACZERO-ON90 to 280VAC25VAC10A380VAC10mS10mS47 to 400Hz
SAT320AAC/ACZERO-ON90 to 280VAC25VAC20A380VAC10mS10mS47 to 400Hz
SAT340AAC/ACZERO-ON90 to 280VAC25VAC40A380VAC10mS10mS47 to 400Hz
SDT360ADC/ACZERO-ON3 to 32VDC1VDC60A380VAC10mS10mS47 to 400Hz
SDT370ADC/ACZERO-ON3 to 32VDC1VDC70A380VAC10mS10mS47 to 400Hz
SDT390ADC/ACZERO-ON3 to 32VDC1VDC90A380VAC10mS10mS47 to 400Hz
SDT3100ADC/ACZERO-ON3 to 32VDC1VDC100A380VAC10mS10mS47 to 400Hz
SAT360AAC/ACZERO-ON90 to 280VAC25VAC60A380VAC10mS10mS47 to 400Hz
SAT370AAC/ACZERO-ON90 to 280VAC25VAC70A380VAC10mS10mS47 to 400Hz
SAT390AAC/ACZERO-ON90 to 280VAC25VAC90A380VAC10mS10mS47 to 400Hz
SAT3100AAC/ACZERO-ON90 to 280VAC25VAC100A380VAC10mS10mS47 to 400Hz

Data Sheet

SAT/SDT Series

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