Reed Relay

Bright TOWARD serves mission critical industries such as Automatic Semiconductor Test Equipment (ATE), Telecommunication, Medical Equipment, and Automotive industries.  30 years of design and manufacturing experience, high quality TOWARD Reed Relay makes a great contribution to the development of high-tech industries.

SMD Reed Relay

Surface mount (SMD) reed relays require the combination of molding packaging and understanding of electromagnetic switch behavior.  Bright TOWARD long experience of reed relay manufacturing and the latest semiconductor package technology provides a wide range of SMD reed relay products from ultra-miniature package to RF enhanced products.

SIP DIP Reed Relay

SIP / DIP reed relays are defacto standard SIP-4, and DIP-8 packages. 

High Voltage Reed Relay

High Current Reed Relay

High Insulation Reed Relay

PCB Reed Relay

Mercury Wet Reed Relay


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