PhotoMOS Automotive for EV / HEV / PHEV

AEC-Q101 certified PhotoMOS relay for Electric Vehicle (EV), Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), and Plug-on Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Applications

PhotoMOS Automotive Relay

PhotoMOS Automotive, TOWARD provides AEC-Q101 certified automotive-grade semiconductor relay products with Photo D-MOSFET technology (PhotoDMOS).  A wide range of operating temperature from -40 to +125 degree C.  It is suitable for EV, HEV, and PHEV applications. Furthermore, it is also applicable to infrastructures, such as battery management Systems (BMS), motor control (MC), power conversion (PWC), and Charging-Discharging circuit.


The Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) was originally established by Chrysler, Ford, and GM for the purpose of establishing common part-qualification and quality system standards.  From its inception, the AEC has consisted of two Committees:  the Quality Systems Committee and the Component Technical Committee. 

Environmental & Package Stress Test


  • Baking:  125C, 24H
  • Moisture soak:  MSL3, 30C, 60% RH, 192H
  • IR reflow:  260C 3cycles

Package Stress

  • Temp Cycle
  • TC Delamination Testing
  • Wire Bond Integrity
  • Resistance to solder heat
  • Bond shear
  • Wire bond Strength
  • Solder ability
  • Die Shear
  • Power and Temp Cycle

ESD Test

  • HBM:  +/-8000V
  • CDM (Charged-Device Model):  +/-1000V

Life Time Stress Test (Chip)


  • Test Condition:  TA=125C, VGS=5V
  • Readout time:  168/500/1000H
  • Sample size:  231


  • Test Condition:  TA=125C, VDS=80% BVDSS
  • Readout time: 168/500/1000H
  • Sample size: 231


  • Test Condition:  TA=85C, R.H.=85%, VDS=100V
  • Readout time: 168/500/1000H
  • Sample size: 231

38S-Q / 45S-Q / 47S-Q Series

VDE Certified / UL Certified / AEC-Q101 Certified

Product NameContact FormOperation LED Load Current (MAX)Load Voltage (MAX)Load Current (MAX)On-Resistance (Typ)Output Capacitance (Typ)Off-state Leakage Current (Typ) I/O Breakdown VoltageDevice PackagePackaging
AB38S-Q1A3.0mA600V70mA40 Ohm47pF1.0uA1500VrmsSOP4Stick/Tape
AC38S-Q2A3.0mA600V70mA40 Ohm47pF1.0uA1500VrmsSOP8Stick/Tape
AB45S-Q1A3.0mA60V200mA3.0 Ohm20pF1.0uA1500VrmsSOP4Stick/Tape
AC45S-Q2A3.0mA60V200mA3.0 Ohm20pF1.0uA1500VrmsSOP8Stick/Tape
Data Sheet

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36-T Series

Product NameContact FormLoad Voltage (Max)Load Current (Max)On-Resistance (Typ)I/O Breakdown VoltageOperating TemperatureDevice Package
AA36-T1A60V0.5A0.12 Ohm3750Vrms-40 to +125DIP6
AA36F-T1A60V0.5A0.12 Ohm3750Vrms-40 to +125SMD6
Data Sheet

Please contact us for more detail and request Data Sheet.  Contacts