PhotoMOS Relay

Bright TOWARD offers a variety of optically isolated semiconductor switch, well-known as PhotoMOS relay, which achieves fast, quiet, and no-bounce switching function with higher power handling capability and extreme reliability – long life.  TOWARD PhotoDMOS product family offers high voltage 1500V, high current 7A, fast switching less than 30uS, and low leakage less than 10nA.  Especially TOWARD’s advanced technology enables a higher standard of quality certified AEC-Q101 for automotive applications, and provides a new technological breakthrough for their design engineers who work in the cutting edge industries.

Automotive TOWARD PhotoMOS – EV, HEV, and PHEV

VDE, UL, and AEC-Q101 certified
Suitable for Battery Management Systems (BMS), Motor Control Systems, Power Conversion Systems
Load Voltage 60 to 600V, -40 to +125degreeC operating temp
SOP4, SOP8, DIP6, SMD6 packages

High Voltage TOWARD PhotoMOS (38, 39, 40 PhotoDMOS Series)

Suitable for Battery Management System (BMS), Power Station, BMS for UPS, Solar Power Station BMS, Industrial, and Robotics
Load Voltage 600 to 1500V, 45 to 85mA
1500 or 3750Vrms I/O Breakdown
DIP4, SMD4, SOP4, DIP6, SMD6, DIP8, SMD8, SOP8 package

High Current TOWARD PhotoMOS (24, 26, 28, 36, 47 PhotoDMOS Series)

For Industrial, Robotics, Security
1.0 to 2.0A / 80V – 47 Series                  1.6 to 2.0A / 40V – 26 Series
2.5A / 60V – 36 Series                              3.5A / 40V – 24 Series
4.5A / 40 – 28 Series
DIP4, SMD4, SOP4, DIP6, SMD6, DIP8, SMD8, SOP8 package

Military Grade High Current TOWARD PhotoMOS (CC36 PhotoDMOS Series)

For Industrial, Robotics, Security, Military application
Military Grade – High Temperature (-55 to +105 Degree C)
1.2A Load Current

RF-Low CxR TOWARD PhotoMOS (21NS/RS, 23, 46 PhotoDMOS Series)

For Communication, Measurement Equipment, Medical Instruments
Low On-Resistance (1.25Ohm MAX) – 21RS Series
Low Capacitance (1.0pF Typ) – 21NS Series (Under development)
High Load Voltage (250V MAX) – 23 Series
Low Off-State Leakage Current (1nA MAX) – 46 Series
Low Operation LED Current (1.5mA MAX) – 46 Series
SOP4, SOP8, DIP4, SMD4, DIP6, SMD6, DIP8, SMD8 package

General Purpose TOWARD PhotoMOS (PhotoDMOS Series)

For Industrial, Robotics, Security, General Purpose, Telecommunication, Measurement Equipment, Medical Instruments
85mA to 120mA / 400V – 30/32 Series
60mA to 100mA / 400V – 74 Series
100mA to 130mA / 350V / 1uA Off-State Leakage – 31 Series
3750Vrms I/O Breakdown Voltage – 31 Series
280mA to 350mA / 100V – 48 Series
3750Vrms I/O Breakdown Voltage – 48 Series
450mA to 550mA / 60V – 37 Series
200mA / 60V – 45 Series
350mA to 440mA / 60V – 70 Series
160mA to 200mA / 200V – 34 Series
80mA to 180mA / 200V – 72 Series
DIP4, SMD4, SOP4, DIP6, SMD6, DIP8, SMD8, SOP8 package

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