DC input DC output 5A Power MOSFET SIP SSR

DC input DC output Power MOSFET Solid State Relay in SIP-4 package with Aluminum Heat-sink, 5A rated load current.

TPD Series

SIP 4 pin package, 5A load current, DC-input DC-output, TTL logic circuit compatible input, Zero Voltage On, Zero Current Off

DC input DC output 5A Power MOSFET TPD

Product NameInput Voltage RangeInput CurrentLoad Voltage (Max)Rated Load Current (Max)Off-State Leakage Current (Max)On-Resistance (Max)Insulation Resistance (min)Dielectric Strength
TPDS053 to 7VDC3 to 15mA50VDC5A0.01mA0.01 Ohm1000M Ohm2000Vrms
TPDH0510 to 32VDC3 to 15mA50VDC5A0.01mA0.01 Ohm1000M Ohm2000Vrms

Data Sheet

TPD Series