DC input DC output 4A (TND Series) SIP SSR

Ultra Slim Solid State Relay in SIP-4 package, DC Input DC output with 2A to 4A rated Current

TND Series

Small SIP 4 pin package, Optically Isolated, DC-input DC-output, Low On-state Resistance (1.2V on-state drop voltage), Low input power consumption (1.5k Ohm impedance), TTL and CMOS compatible, for Household appliance, Temperature control system, Industrial automation control, Lighting system, Office appliance, Factory appliance

DC input DC output 4A TND

Product NameInput Voltage RangeLoad Voltage RangeRated Load Current (Max)Off-State Leakage Current (Max)On-State Voltage Drop (Max)Insulation Resistance (min)Dielectric Strength
TND0623 to 32VDC3 to 60VDC2A1mA1.2V1G Ohm2500Vrms
TND0643 to 32VDC3 to 60VDC4A1mA1.2V1G Ohm2500Vrms
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TND Series