DC input AC output 5A (TPA Series) SIP SSR

DC input AC output Solid State Relay in SIP-4 package with Aluminum Heat-sink, 5A rated load current.

Bright TOWARD offers high load current DC input AC output 5A rated SIP-4 package for high power applications such in industrial equipment.  TPA series has Aluminum heat-sink for better heat coefficient.

TPA Series

DC input AC output 5A load current, SIP 4 pin package, TTL logic circuit compatible input, Zero Voltage On, Zero Current Off, Aluminum heat-sink

TPA DC input AC output 5A SIP SSR

Product NameInput Voltage RangeInput CurrentLoad Voltage RangeRated Load Current (Max)Transient Overvoltage (Vp)On-State Voltage Drop (Max)Insulation Resistance (min)Dielectric Strength
TPAM253 to 14VDC5 to 25mA220VAC5A600Vp1.5VAC1000M Ohm2000Vrms
TPAM353 to 14VDC5 to 25mA380VAC5A800Vp1.5VAC1000M Ohm2000Vrms
TPAH2510 to 32VDC5 to 16mA220VAC5A600Vp1.5VAC1000M Ohm2000Vrms
TPAH3510 to 32VDC5 to 16mA380VAC5A800Vp1.5VAC1000M Ohm2000Vrms
TPAL253 to 32VDC5 to 15mA220VAC5A600Vp1.5VAC1000M Ohm2000Vrms
TPAL353 to 32VDC5 to 15mA380VAC5A800Vp1.5VAC1000M Ohm2000Vrms

TPA 5A SIP SSR Dimensions

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TPA Series