DC Input AC Output 2A TRIAC (TG Series) SIP SSR

Ultra Small TRIAC Solid State Relay in SIP-4 package, DC Input AC output with 2A rated current

Bright TOWARD TG series provides higher current capability in ultra small package, suitable for air conditioner, programmable control machine, greaser, and automotive applications.

TG Series

Small SIP 4 pin package, DC-input AC-output, I/O Isolation Voltage 2500VAC input and output,  Internal RC circuit snubber, Random-on and Zero-on types are available

DC Input AC Output 2A TRIAC TG

Product NameInput Voltage RangeInput Current RangeTurn-On TypeLoad Voltage RangeRated Load Current (Max)Non-Repetitive Max Voltage (Vp)Insulation Resistance (min)Insulation between Input-Output
TGD05A204  to 
4. 3 to 13.1mAZero-On75 to 264VAC2A600Vpk1000M Ohm2500VAC
TGD05A20R4  to 
4.3  to 13.1mARandom-On75 to 264VAC2A600Vpk1000M Ohm2500VAC
TGD05A2034  to 
4.3  to 13.1mAZero-On90 to 418VAC2A800Vpk1000M Ohm2500VAC
TGD12A209.6  to 1 4.4VDC5.4  to 16.5mAZero-On75 to 264VAC2A600Vpk1000M Ohm2500VAC
TGD12A20R9.6  to  14.4VDC5.4  to 16.5mARandom-On75 to 264VAC2A600Vpk1000M Ohm2500VAC
TGD12A2039.6  to  14.4VDC5.4  to 16.5mAZero-On90 to 418VAC2A800Vpk1000M Ohm2500VAC
TGD24A2019.2 to 28.8VDC5.2 to 15.4mAZero-On75 to 264VAC2A600Vpk1000M Ohm2500VAC
TGD24A20R19.2 to 28.8VDC5.2 to 15.4mARandom-On75 to 264VAC2A600Vpk1000M Ohm2500VAC
TGD24A20319.2 to 28.8VDC5.2 to 15.4mAZero-On90 to 418VAC2A800Vpk1000M Ohm2500VAC
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TG Series