High Power SiC MOSFET for EV and HEV Automotive

Bright TOWARD introduced High Power SiC MOSFET and Photo triggered SiC MOSFET relay products. SiC MOSFET provides small and greater thermal performance in automotive electronics especially EV and HEV applications.

TO247 SiC Power MOSFET from 650V/110A to 1700V/3.4A, TO220 SiC Power MOSFET from 650V/12A to 52A models.

50 Series SiC MOSFET relay (650V/300mA), 51 Series SiC MOSFET relay (1200V/250mA), 52 Series SiC MOSFET relay (1700V/350mA), and 53 Series SiC MOSFET relay (3300V/300mA).

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PhotoDMOS Relay for BMS Power Station

TOWRD Photo D-MOSFET relay series line up for Power Station Battery Management System, required high load voltage.  Well-known AC30(F) series. 

  • Control board for battery
  • Management systems on the power station, which use in transducer and monitoring purpose.
Required Specifications
  • 400V or higher
  • Analog signal transmit purpose
  • High speed
  • Low Ron
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