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MOSRELAY Corporation has established to provide optimal technical and marketing support of advanced electrical switch products.  Such as PhotoMOS relay, Solid State Relay, and Reed Relay from Bright Toward.  MOSRELAY serves for US and European distributors who work with semiconductor, automotive, medical, aerospace and precision measurement industry.  Due to maximize supportability, our office is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose, California.  Our services are not limited to technical and marketing assistance, but also including supply-chain enhancement to meet customer’s demand and satisfaction.


MOSRELAY is a strategic partner of Bright Toward Industries and fully supported for custom/semi-custom solution for customer’s design needs.  We provide technical support to customers direct-engagement from early design phase to achieve customer’s innovations and accelerate product development.  Furthermore, we also support our distributors and sales representatives for the same technical and marketing support and provide stable and smooth efficient logistics at the same level as direct support from the manufacturer.


Please feel free to contact us.  We are always welcome to support you and your project success.

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About Manufacture

Bright Toward Industries Co., Ltd., Reed Relay, PhotoMOS Relay, and Solid State Relay manufacturer originated in Taiwan in 1988, as mechanical relay trading company.  Through the years, Bright Toward has metamorphosed to innovative leading PhotoMOS and Reed Relay manufacture in the world.  Bright Toward currently operates two factories in China and advanced new factory in Hsin-Chu Taiwan.

In 2001, Bright Toward launched unique new PhotoDMOSFET products to the worldwide market for higher Voltage/Current requirement.  Today, their sophisticated Super-Junction D-MOSFET technology achieve much higher power products, especially for automotive and battery industries.  Consequently, Bright Toward earned AEC-Q101 certification.

Bright Toward also has superior experience in semiconductor industries and it’s process technology which helps not only their product development but also understanding about customer’s requirement.

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