Bright TOWARD offers a wide range of switching devices from high-quality Reed Relay to the latest Semiconductor switch.

AEC-Q101 qualified PhotoDMOS Relay Family

PhotoMOS Automotive applications

The best PhotoMOS switch products for automotive especially HEV and EV applications.  Superior high power capability with extreme reliability. 

TOWARD Photo D-MOSFET technology (PhotoDMOS) provides AEC-Q101 certified automotive-grade semiconductor relay products, an additional feature. A wide range of operating temperature from -40 to +125 °C.

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Low C x R PhotoMOS Relay for RF applications

TOWARD offers a variety of PhotoMOS products from low capacitance relay, 21NS Series as 1.0pF (coming soon!), to ultra-high voltage load as 1000V in a small package (40 Series), or high current load as 4.5A (28 Series).  These products’ performance and reliability are based on TOWARD’s strong technical and engineering background in MOSFETs design field and semiconductor process expertise.

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High Voltage PhotoMOS Relay

TOWARD Ultra High Voltage PhotoMOS products are designed for Power Station, UPS, Solar Power Station, Robotics.  Especially in the worldwide market which has comparably lower On-resistance in this class. So, this characteristics leads to higher current capability as well.

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High Current PhotoMOS Relay

Bright TOWARD offers a wide range of high current PhotoMOS products with photo emitted D-MOSFET technology (PhotoDMOS) for high power requirement in a small package.

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High Power Solid State Relay

100A or 125A high current SAZ and SDZ Series Solid State Relay are available now!  Suitable for modern motor control applications and more.  The latest TOWARD technology improves thermal efficiency to achieve a larger current capability.

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Small TRIAC Solid State Relay

Toward also offers small photo isolated small solid state relay for house appliance, programmable controller, and any 110/220VAC Circuit and its applications.  TC series achieve higher I/O isolation Voltage 5000 VAC between input and output, and 600VDC peak Off-State Output Voltage in this small DIP 8pin package (9.8mm x 6.4mm).

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What’s New

SEMICON Taiwan 9/5/2018 to 9/7/2018

All of future technologies of semiconductor are here in Taiwan.  Bright Toward Industries will attend SEMICON Taiwan!  Please visit our booth “K2264” and feel the future of Switching Technologies.  Exhibition starts Sept 5th for two days.

NEPCON Nagoya, JAPAN 9/5/2018 to 9/7/2018

Bright Toward Industries will exhibit  Cutting-edge PHOTO DMOS relay, Solid State relay, and Reed relay at NEPCON Nagoya, Japan.  Nagoya edition of NEPCON JAPAN-Asia’s Leading trade show for electronics manufacturing technologies.  Please visit our booth 16-2.  Dates:  Sept 5th to 7th.  See you at our booth!